Elías Toro


Drawing and photography are fundamental knowledge forms of the aspects that interest me in my surrounding world, whose sensitive stimuli I intend to reorganize in a model that I call reality.


El dibujo y la fotografía constituyen formas fundamentales de conocimiento de los aspectos que me interesan del mundo que me circunda, cuyos estímulos sensibles pretendo reorganizar en un modelo que voy llamando realidad.




Architect, Artist, professor

Architect graduated in 2004 from Central University of Venezuela. Between 1995 and 2004 he worked as manufacture assistant (molds and prototypes for the casting of sculptural pieces in bronze) in the workshop of his father, the Venezuelan architect and sculptor Elías Toro Jiménez. Since 2005 he has been teaching Drawing and Descriptive Geometry at Central University of Venezuela. In 2013, he dedicated himself exclusively to the development of several plastic projects of painting and sculpture.